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 5 Great Flat Irons for Beach Waves

Are flat irons good for making beachy waves?

Flat irons or straighteners are excellent for beachy waves. To maximise your beachy wave look you really need the right tools. Today we are reviewing what we think are 5 great flat irons for beach waves hairstyling. Beach waves using flat irons are a quick and easy way to achieve that wonderful beachy wave hairstyle.

How to use a Flat Iron for Beach Waves 

When wanting beach waves using flat irons it is essential that you use the correct flat iron heating tool. We all know that you should always comb through your hair first in order to make it as straight and manageable as possible. This is the first step in your hair straightener regime. Once completed, you are ready for your new flat iron.

There are many ways to learn how to make beach waves using flat irons or a straightener. There are videos on YouTube, TikTok, and multiple articles on so we wont go into that here. However, we will mention that when aiming for beach waves using flat irons you should always try to take a small manageable section of hair first, so that the flat iron can smooth these sections out. It is best to take about a 1-inch section of hair at a time. Then start to move your flat iron down your hair, working towards the end. Then begin working your way around your hair doing these small sections one at time.

There are many different types of flat irons on the market but in order to get the best loose beach waves using flat irons, you need to use the best products that your budget can afford.

Read on to see why we think these are the best flat irons that are available in today’s market as we continue to provide you with ALL the reviews and best results in order to get that sexy beachywave look.

5 of the best Flat Iron Reviews

The flat irons that we have reviewed below, in our opinion, are some of the best ones available today in the market.

All of the flat irons reviewed here are outstanding in their looks, but more importantly in what they can do to your hair to make beautiful beach waves using flat irons.

We have focussed on these 5 products as we know that they are all exceptional quality and they work!. Remember, it is always worth it in the end to spend that little bit more on a product if that product works well, is good value and gives you the look that you know you have always wanted.

 1. ghd Platinum+ Styler: 1″ Flat Iron

The ghd Platinum 1″ Flat Iron provides not only professional performance from its ceramic, flat iron design but it is one of the best flat iron heating tools for beach waves that we have know about. 

It continues to deliver outstanding results and has over 1800 reviews on Amazon.  Some consider it as “The Flat Iron” to have, demonstrating it’s effectiveness as a smart, beautiful and classy flat iron for your daily routine. 

beach waves using flat irons

Some of the points that we love include;

  • It can predict your hairs condition

  • Technology that can predict the best temperature that your hair needs (Checks this over 200 times per second).

  • Sets the best temperature for stronger hair to reduce hair damage

  • Highly coated gloss plates for that extra shine

  • Allows you to create great beach waves with a flat iron that provides tangle free styling

  • Multi voltage for travelling with automatic sleep mode

  • 2.7 meter (9 feet) cord allows you to move around freely

This truely is a great and easy product to use and one that we are proud to review for you.

2. T3 Lucea ID Digital Ceramic Flat Iron: White/Rose Gold, 1″

This flat iron from T3 looks great, and can do some wonderful things to achieve your beachy wave look. It has a real classic design and the white design with rose gold features is nothing but stylish. The see through LED display looks great, is elegant and it is great value for money

using a flat iron for beach waves

Some of the points that we love with this includes;

  • Smart heat adjustment works perfectly for your hair length, type and color

  • Has multiple hair thickness inputs for different types of hair

  • Allows adjustments to be made for different length hair

  • Allows adjustments to be made for coloured hair 

There is no doubt that you will achieve beautiful results with the T3 Lucea ID!

The CHI G2 has been awarded the Amazon Choice product and has over 6500 – 5 star reviews. If that alone is not a great recommendation for this flat iron the fact that they are an American based company is high on our list. 

This outstanding value for money flat iron does everything you need it to do and the super quick heat up time and long cord for the bathroom just works.


best loose beachy waves with a flat iron

This flat iron offers a great performance at a really great price

Some of the things that we love with the CHI G2 include;

  • The titanium infused plates are made of ceramic and are strong and smooth

  • There is a digital display LCD screen allowing the temperature to be set up to 425F

  • There is a very generous 3.1 meter (11 feet) cord

  • Great multi voltage for travelling when you need to go

  • Works very well on thick hair

  • Heats up very quickly to save you time and money

Titanium is a super cool product and this flat iron not only gives you terrific results but also heats up quickly.

4. Sutra Professional Flat Iron | Ionic Infrared, 1-inch Rose Gold Titanium Plate: Hair Straightener 

The Sutra Pro Flat Iron is one of the Infrared hair styling tools that are taking the world by storm. This is a lovely flat iron that works well for all hair types. Titanium plates allows the flat iron to glide smoothly and seamlessly along your hair.

Hairdressers around the world like the Sutra and we know that you will to.


beach wave heating tools


Some of the things that we love with the Sutra Pro include;

  • The new Sutra Pro Flat Iron has infrared rays to gently heat up your hair

  • The ability to leave your beautiful hair silky and smooth at all times.

  • It has a 1 inch titanium flat plate 

  • Has a great digital controller that its easy and simple to use

  • Another truly profession product using a flat iron for beach waves

The rose gold titanium plate is simple superb. This flat iron will give you beautiful curls that will be the envy of your friends.

5. L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod | Steam Powered Flat Iron

The L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod is an awesome hair styling tool that many say “sets the standard” for hair styling products. Salons all over the world use this product and we know that you will just love it to.

It’s easy to use, does not use much water and we know that once you use it all your friends will want one as well.

beach wave curls with a straightener

Some of the things that we love with the L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod include;

  • Inbuilt water tank that allows you to manage up to 600 feet of hair before top up

  • Great steam output that cuts down on styling times therefore saving you time

  • A great rotating cord 

  • Three great heat settings that heat up to 410F

  • Easy removable comb that helps to remove tangles to allow for smooth styling

What we can say, L’Oreal does it again. A wonderful and exquisite flat iron that will give you many summers of sexy beach wave curls.


So as you can see achieving beach waves using flat irons is definately possible – just reach for the right tools. In this article we have shown 5 great flat irons and anyone of them would be a great gift idea or a beautiful new addition to your hair care tools. This review has shown you what we think are the best flat irons currently available in todays market to achieve beach waves using flat irons. Any one of these would be a wonderful choice and don’t forget to see all the other hair care, reviews, styling tips and appliances that we also have for you here at your number one beachy wave website – beachywave.comIf you would like to purchase a curling wand instead of a straightener – look here to read 5 steps to beachy waves with a curling iron.

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