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DevaCurl Dryer & Devafuser Review

 DevaCurl Dryer & Devafuser review

If you’ve never seen a DevaCurl dryer and diffuser combo (Amazon), you’ve definitely got to check it out. While the blow dryer pretty much looks normal, the diffuser looks somewhat like a strange green alien hand — but there’s actually a design purpose behind it that makes a whole lot of sense!

DevaCurl is a pretty popular haircare brand for curly hair, and with good reason. They’re innovators in the curly hair market, both for curl product and their unique diffuser tool. If you’re curious, which you probably are by now, read on for more info on this interesting diffuser!


First, let’s talk about the bright-green “hand” attachment that gets plenty of strange looks in the salon (or wherever you are, really). It’s designed to look like a hand to help you scrunch your curls as they dry—ingenious!

The cupped hand-style design allows you to bring the ends of your curls up, both setting them in place and adding bounce while drying them gently. You can also lift the hair for added volume as it dries when you place it at the roots, something that standard diffusers can’t do.

Especially cool about the DevaFuser is that it allows for airflow from all directions. If you look at the “hand,” you’ll see that it has openings on every side so that when you lift your hair at the root from underneath, it dries all the hair it comes in contact with, even the hair on top of it. This gives you a gentle airflow that dries your hair faster than the standard bowl-type diffusers in addition to adding lift and volume.

The diffuser’s ceramic core adds shine and cuts down on frizz, and as a bonus, it doubles as a Halloween decoration!

DevaCurl’s unique diffuser design not only does things most diffusers don’t, it leaves your curls or waves looking their best, with no frizz.


DevaCurl’s blow dryer has a 1600-watt motor, 3 heat and 2 speed settings, ionic technology, and pairs perfectly with the DevaFuser. While the dryer may not stand out hugely on its own, it does provide gentle, low-heat airflow ideal for curly hair.

Many users love it as an alternative to air drying that not only doesn’t wreck your curls, it leaves them bouncier and fuller than air drying. It’s like a speedier version of air drying, which is why many love it.

The DevaDryer & DevaFuser combo have won the TotalBeauty Awards for best blow dryer and the Naturally Curly Editor’s Choice Award for Best Styling Tool or Necessity in the years past as well, so you know DevaCurl is doing something right. In fact, DevaCurl has built a large fan base over the last few years, with thousands of curly guys and girls swearing by their dryer and diffuser combo.

Many have touted it as a “holy grail” item for curls, saying that the combo is a life-altering purchase that’s more than worth its price (which puts it well into the “high-end” category).

Are There Any Cons of the DevaFuser or DevaDryer?

That’s not to say there aren’t any naysayers, as with everything under the sun. Some users have had the dryer or diffuser break; some say it’s not worth the money; others say it doesn’t make much difference with their curls.

Some have mentioned that the dryer/diffuser combo is a bit awkward to use, with the “hand” sticking farther out than they’re used to.

It’s certainly something that may take a bit of time to get the hang of, but with a little time and patience, most users find that their curls look better with the DevaDryer and DevaFuser.

Is it worth buying?

Overall, the ratings, reviews, and feedback for the DevaDryer and DevaFuser are pretty stellar (4.8 out of 5 stars on their website, 3.5 to 4 stars average on Amazon). While it may not be ideal for everyone, the DevaCurl dryer/diffuser combo is a favorite of many who have curly hair, and its innovation cannot be denied.

Users also have the option to purchase the DevaFuser separately and use it with (most) other blow dryers, which is a smart move on DevaCurl’s part for those who may already have a blow dryer they love.

Regardless, the DevaDryer and DevaFuser combo is clearly a winner for those with curly hair.