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Why You Should Trim Your Hair – And How Often

Do I need to trim my hair?

Yes – you do need to trim your hair and probably more often than what you do! Whether you like to rock long tresses, flip around a medium bob, or chop it all off and call it a pixie-cut, you should probably be trimming your hair more often than you are.

The number one reason women should be trimming their hair more often than they do is because it promotes healthy growth. Your hair will actually grow longer quicker if you trim it, and it’ll be split end free! No one likes split ends.

How often do I need to trim my hair?

Knowing how often you need to cut your hair has a lot to do with what goals you have for your hair and the chemical processes that you tend to use on your hair regularly. This guide will help you set up a schedule for your hair appointments without making you want to pull out all those luscious locks!

You should know that your hair goes through four growth stages. 

  1.  The first stage begins before you even see it, where vitamins and other nutrient are put together in order to form the hair strand. 
  2. In the second stage, the hair is poking through your scalp. 
  3. The third stage is where your hair is still growing from your scalp and getting longer.
  4. The final stage is where it’s not doing anything until it falls out. It takes years for your hair to go through these stages. You should also know that your hair grows about half an inch every four weeks. Some people have hair that grows faster, and others have hair that grows a bit slower.

How often do I have to get my Long Hair trimmed?

For those of you who have long hair, and you’d like to keep it long, then you need to get a regular haircut in order to keep your long hair healthy in appearance. Long hair is actually old hair. Like anything else that ages, the older it gets, the more fragile it will be. Longer hair is a lot more susceptible to breaking, split ends, and appearing thinner.

If you tend to highlight or dye your hair, then it’s more likely to be damaged. Regular haircuts are going to keep your hair healthy and strong.

For women who have long hair and want to keep it long, then you want to trim your hair every eight to twelve weeks.

If you notice more and more of your hair is breaking off, or you have split ends, then it might need to be cut as frequently as every six to eight weeks. You should tell your hair stylist exactly what you need when you’re getting a haircut.

If you want your hair to grow longer, then ask your stylist to trim half an inch or less of the ends of your hair. If you want your hair to stay at the same length, then ask your stylist to trim more off your ends. Remember, your hair grows half an inch every four weeks. Take that into consideration when you’re talking to your stylist about how much hair needs to be removed.

How often do I have to get my Medium Length  Hair trimmed?

People who have bob cuts or a little longer might want to follow the rules above for long hair. A regular haircut every six to twelve weeks is important for keeping your hair healthy looking. If you prefer to keep your hair the same length it is now, then trim it every six to eight weeks to keep your hair at your preferred length. If you’re growing your hair longer, then go for a trim every eight to twelve weeks. This gives your hair a bit longer to grow.

How often do I have to get my Short Hair trimmed?

Short haircuts will be popular for the fall of 2016

For people who have shorter hair and who would like to keep it that way, then they need to go for a haircut more frequently in order to keep that sassy short cut looking fresh and stylish. If you’re someone who already has shorter hair, then you know that it seems to grow out very quickly.

Short hair needs to be trimmed every four to eight week in order to keep your short haircut fresh. If you’re attempting to grow a short haircut out, then you will want to go for a haircut every six to twelve weeks.

How often do I have to get my Chemically Treated Hair trimmed?

If you’re someone who perms, highlights, colors, or chemically straightens your hair on a regular basis, then you might have noticed that your hair needs more regular trimmings. Chemically processed hair will split, break, and become drier easier. If you cut our hair more frequently, every four to six weeks, then you will prevent your hair from breaking and falling out.

How Do I Grow my Hair Out ?

There are many people who make the mistake that thinking not getting their hair cut on a regular basis will help them grow their hair out faster. Some women believe that if they get regular haircuts, then their hair will grow out quicker. However, neither one of these myths is true.

First, regular haircuts do not make your hair grow out faster. Instead, regular haircuts will prevent your hair from getting split ends or breaking off. This makes your hair appear to grow slower because you’re chopping it off every four to six weeks, but you’re only chopping off half the growth or less.

Second, getting a haircut every four to six weeks will not make your hair grow any faster. Your hair grows at the rate it has chosen, and you can’t do really much about it (there are some tips here), but you can trim off the dead ends so that your hair appears healthier at all times.

It’s imperative you speak with your hair stylist and have the ends of your hair trimmed at a regular interval. This minimizes the amount of breakage your hair experiences and maximizes the amount of growth potential your hair has. Whether you are trying to maintain a short hair cut or you’re trying to grow your hair longer, you should trim your hair. It will get rid of those split ends, and your frizz will disappear a lot quicker.