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John Frieda Salon Shine Hair Dryer Review

The John Frieda brand is pretty recognizable and well-known, especially for its anti-frizz line of hair products. Since John Frieda is all about reducing frizz and adding shine, one would think that his blow dryers would help with those as well. But is the John Frieda Salon Shine Hair Dryer (Amazon) on the list of must-have products?

Let’s take a look and see what we can find out about it!

Pros of the John Frieda Salon Shine Dryer:

  • It’s compact
  • Comes with both a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser
  • Has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings
  • High-torque DC motor
  • Locking cool-shot button (fave!)
  • Titanium grill with ceramic coating and ionic technology

The Salon Shine Dryer’s compact size makes it practical and easy to use. It has a fairly light weight—less than two pounds—but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. (We’ll come back to that part.) No bulky appliances or heavy lifting here! Its size also makes it convenient to travel with, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a separate travel dryer.

If you have any type of natural wave or curl in your hair, you probably know the importance of having a diffuser. And the Salon Shine comes with one!

That’s an added bonus on top of the concentrator nozzle that most dryers come with. That way you can wear your hair curly/wavy or straighten it with the help of the nozzle. And if your hair is completely straight, you can keep the nozzle for yourself and give the diffuser to a curly-haired friend, who will be delighted!

Three heat settings allow you to change temps depending on the weather, your schedule, and the way you’re styling your hair. Blast it on high with full heat for accelerated drying, or calm it down to medium and low speed for the more laid-back days.

Regardless, the high-torque DC motor (told you we’d come back to it!) dries hair pretty darn fast. Its strong power may surprise you in such a compact size, but its velocity will improve drying time even on low speed/heat settings.

As with the Drybar Buttercup, the Salon Shine comes with a locking cool-shot button. While you may be thinking Okay, that’s not the most awesome feature ever, it ranks up there for those who have ever had to hold it down for more than about five seconds. It just makes life a little easier, and hey, who doesn’t want that!?

And ah, the titanium grill. At last we come to the important part of what makes this dryer stand out from others.

Titanium and ceramic are both known for increasing negative ions (which, if you know about ions, are actually good for the hair).

Negative ions help to add shine and reduce frizz in hair, and John Frieda’s Salon Shine Dryer claims to deliver “2x shine and 3x frizz control with up to 50% more ions.” And according to many users, this is pretty accurate! Frizz is reduced and hair is shinier.

The ions are also part of what makes the hair dry faster, so let’s say we are totally in favor of negative ions, titanium, and ceramic!

So are there any downsides?

Honestly, we couldn’t find many. Among the usual flukes where a dryer breaks sooner than it should, perhaps the main annoying thing for some users is that the heat and speed buttons are right on the handle where you hold the dryer, so it’s easy to turn it off accidentally during use.

While that may be a deal-breaker for some people, it happens with many dryers, so you have to decide whether it’s important for you.

One last thing worth mentioning about the Salon Shine Dryer is its price – usually found under $30, it’s pretty affordable! And it is returnable, so that’s a bonus that doesn’t come with every dryer.

If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for some reason, you can send it back, no problem. For that price and the return policy, it’s worth giving the Salon Shine Dryer a try!