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How to get Loose Waves with a Curling Iron

Here’s an easy way to get loose waves with a curling iron:

Step 1 – Prepare your hair!

Blow dry your hair. However you are used to blowing out your hair is fine. You don’t have to blow it out with a round brush to get that look. If you have curly hair, the objective is to get primarily the root straight. I like to use some kind of bow dry serum in the hair. Brocato has a great serum called Miracle repair blow dry serum.

Then spray with hairspray. My favorite hairspray is “being sexy” by Rusk. (ultimate favorite hairspray and can be used in damp or dry hair over and over again without feeling stiff or greasy! try it!)

Step 2 – Section hair into top and bottom

Clip your hair into two sections (half up and half down) just as shown below:

Step 3 – Curl the bottom

Start curling the bottom section. Take your time and go from one side to the other. Your sub sections don’t have to be perfect, and you can take a small handful of hair to curl.


Step 4 – Curl the top and spray!

After curling the whole bottom section, remove your clip and start curling the top half of hair in the same manor.

I like to curl away from the face on both sides by positioning the curling iron so that the top of the clamp is facing towards your ear. after you have curled your whole head, SPRAY IT! use that “Being sexy” spray and don’t touch it for a minute or two. (good time to put your make up on!)


Step 5 – Final touches and wrapping up!

Now your whole head is curled. There are a few ways you can finish this style. You can either finger through it and piece out some of the curl. Or you can comb or brush through it. I like to use a round ceramic brush actually. Just brush ever so lightly. Then I will usually piece through some curls in the front as I am spraying it.

Loose Waves with a Curling Iron
Here’s the final product! Natural looking loose waves, done in the comfort of your own home in under 20 minutes!