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How to get Beach Waves – an Easy Guide for all Hair Types

How to get Beach Waves

So, you wish for beach waves? “How to get beachy waves” is a much asked question. From long and luscious to short and sassy; whether you get them done in a salon or you struggle for hours at home in your bathroom, one thing is for sure- we still love them! And for good reason, everyone looks good with those twisty locks!

I have seen the beach wave style come and progress though the industry. I have learned many different ways to achieve this look; some  from the latest and greatest hair shows and classes and some from the average client. So, if you are looking to learn how to get this look then you have come to the right place! Beachy waves are here to stay- you might as well learn how to get this look without shelling out a ton of dough going to the salon! In this article we look at one easy way to achieve a beachy wave look.

 7 steps to the Best Beachy Waves with Rollers?

Step 1

Apply your favorite styling product. Moose, blow out serum, gel, sea salt spray what ever your heart desires – and a little bit goes a long way! Loosely blow dry wet hair for about 2-3 minutes (long/thick hair may take a minute or two longer) until the hair feels like its almost dry. It really doesn’t matter if you blow it all out with a brush. if you have really curly hair and are worried about too much kink or frizz at the root as you loosely blow it dry, you may find using a paddle brush to smooth out and direct the hair will solve your problem.

Step 2

Part the hair the way you normally would, if you do not part your hair, let it fall naturally. Taking a side section of hair measuring at eye level, angling upward, all the way to the part- making the section of hair look like a triangle. Holding the section outward, take the roller, place it behind the section of hair, halfway down (shoulder length or bobbed hair may be just two inches from the scalp.) Wrap hair away from face around the roller all the way to the ends. Meaning, there should be no hair hanging off the roller. Long hair may need to be wrapped several times around. Clip the roller in place. note: the roller may hang loosely if your hair is really long.

Step 3

Move to the next section, make another triangle section off of the part. Going all the way down to the top of the ear and back up to the crown of the head. (thick hair may have to be divided into two sections here.) Hold that section outward, placing the roller behind the section, wrap hair around roller starting at mid shaft just as you did in step 2. 

Do these triangle sections all around the head. It should be half up and half down, looking like a zig-zag pattern. Note: Switch the direction you are curing the hair so that the opposite side is being curled away from the face. meaning you should be wrapping the hair  counter clockwise  around the roller for the left side and clockwise on the right side.

Step 4

Wrap the remainder bottom sections just as you did in sections 2 and 3. The sections should already be clearly sections off from the top half already in rollers. The back bottom (nape) section can be split in half if it feel too bulky for medium/thick hair.

Step 5

DIFFUSE. Ever wonder what those big round things were good for? Well, here is one thing they are excellent for!  Grab your blow dryer and  using a diffuser (if your blow dryer didn’t come with one, you can find a universal at a beauty store that just pops on the end of any blowdryer ). Hold it directly in front of the rollers so that you get the rollers nice and warm. maybe about 10 second per section. Lightly spray with hairspray.

Step 6

Go get dressed. Go put your make up on. Go eat a bowl of cereal. It doesn’t matter, just leave the rollers in place and let them cool down for a good 5/10 minutes.

Step 7 

Take the rollers out. You can finger through them and separate for a bit of a messy tussled hair style. Or you can comb/brush through them using any brush or comb you’d like. finish with a hair spray or a little wax.

Now, shake your head because you have  BEACHY WAVES!