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FHI Heat Technique Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

FHI’s Heat Technique Nano Weight Pro 1850 Tech Hair Dryer is listed in Amazon’s Luxury Beauty category, but this dryer looks as sturdy as a lifted Hummer. (Luxury AND power!) Its sleek black design and tough-looking elements are reminiscent of an off-road SUV—but not nearly as large or heavy.

Its light weight and powerful DC motor provide a quick drying experience with a strong but quiet air flow. This cool-looking FHI dryer also reduces drying time by up to 50%—who doesn’t appreciate that? Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this FHI Heat Technique blow dryer unique.

Features and Pros of the FHI Heat Technique

Tourmaline AND Ceramic

The combination of the two elements in FHI’s sleek black dryer helps keep the frizz under control. Two speed and three heat settings provide diverse styling options for multiple hair types, from thick and curly to fine and straight, with a cool shot button to close down that cuticle and reduce frizz even more. (And the cool shot button locks! NO finger cramping necessary with this one.)

Negative Ions

No need to have a science lecture here, but negative ions produce positive results. The ceramic and tourmaline infuse hair with those negative ions, allowing for the faster drying time as well as smoothing, conditioning, sealing in moisture, and adding shine. This is where frizz reduction comes in, too, as many users have mentioned online. Another benefit of negative ions is static reduction—because who wants to have flyaway hair that rises on its own? That’s not the kind of volume most of us are looking for.


This is important for those why blow dry their hair every day or work in a salon—FHI’s Heat Technique dryer gives off a low electromagnetic field, so you won’t get too much radiation from this dryer. Its far infrared heat is gentle on your scalp and hair, so you can feel safe using it daily.

Nine-foot Cord

We’ve talked about blow dryers with long cords before, and this is another to add to the list. Nobody likes being tethered to the wall outlet, unable to take more than one step at a time in any direction. This FHI dryer’s 9-foot cord allows you to walk around and accomplish other tasks while you blow-dry your hair…like painting your toenails, for example. Or painting a wall. Maybe painting a picture! There’s a lot to be said for multitasking.

Comes in a Cool Bag

This is always a nice bonus for travel and storage—a drawstring bag to hold the dryer and its accessories. The included diffuser and concentrator nozzle will fit nicely into the sleek black bag, allowing you to keep it all in one place.

Fair Price Point

On most sites, FHI’s Heat Technique dryer weighs in under $100, and some list it for under $50. (You can find it on Amazon here.) Many users online have called it their favorite dryer, stating that it is worth every penny.

Cons of the FHI Heat Technique

So, are there any cons to this blow dryer? By and large, the biggest complaint universally seems to be that this dryer doesn’t always last as long as it should. While some say three weeks and some say a year, the consensus seems to be that it should last longer than it does. This can be a common complaint with several good-quality dryers, and hopefully the company has worked out the issues by this time.

Regardless of any potential issues, the pros seem to outweigh the cons of the FHI Heat Technique Nano Weight Pro 1850 blow dryer. The quiet motor, light weight, and quick drying time are its star features, and its sturdy look doesn’t hurt, either.