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5 reasons to buy the Bio Ionic GoldPro Hair Dryer

Bio Ionic GoldPro hair dryer – is it worth the money?

Fifty-five percent of raters on Amazon say the Bio Ionic GoldPro Dryer is an excellent choice for drying your hair, a professional dryer that stands out above the rest. It appears it is worth the money.

The dryer certainly looks sleek, with its matte black design and gold accents. What else makes this Bio Ionic GoldPro Hair Dryer special? Let’s look at some of the features.

5 benefits of the Bio Ionic Goldpro

There are at least 5 benefits of the Bio Ionic Goldpro dryer firstly 

1. GOLD 

2. Professional Quality

3. Ionizers

4. Low Heat

5. Easy to use buttons

…..Gold? The first and biggest thing that stands out about this dryer—and obviously the reason for its name—is that the barrel of the dryer is infused with 24K gold. Say what? This is a dryer for Kings! But seriously, it’s not just to fancify the dryer and charge a higher price.

The 24K gold functions just like tourmaline and ceramic, giving a better heat distribution and adding shine to the hair. In fact, some ceramic is indeed mixed in with the gold and mineral infusion. The result is healthy, conditioned hair with so much shine, it’ll sparkle like gold, too! (At least one can hope.)

2. Professional Quality

Sure, lots of companies can claim they make “professional” tools, but that’s about as ubiquitous as the “all-natural” claim on foods these days. However, the BioIonic company was founded by a hairstylist, so maybe that automatically makes it legitimately professional.

Stylists know blow dryers very well, having to use them day in and day out, so you can bet these have been tested and are built to last. Furthermore, the mineral blend that contains the gold is unique to the BioIonic line, and the company is dedicated to consistently raising the standards of their tools in order to stay ahead of the curve. Surely, adding gold to your tools will do that!

3. Ionizer

The benefit that the gold/mineral combo provides is those good but bad-sounding negative ions. (Hence the “ion” part of the brand name.) What they do here is break up the water in the hair into minuscule molecules that can be absorbed into the center of the hair strand. This way, the hair is moisturized, and the far infrared heat hydrates and smoothes from the inside out.

This leaves the hair darn near healthier and more conditioned than it was prior to blow drying, which was pretty unheard of just a few years ago!

Gone are the days of blow frying, especially when you dry with a 24K ceramic-gold combo. (How cool is that idea?) The negative ions also eliminate static, which is definitely a common problem!

4. Low Heat

While some users feel that this is a negative, the general consensus is that it’s a good thing the GoldPro dryer gets the hair dry quickly without using excessive heat. More than likely, users expect their blow dryer to get very hot, since this is what they’re used to having in order to get their hair dry.

But that’s clearly not the case with the GoldPro. The magic combo of gold, ceramic, and negative ions does the job fairly quickly without heat damage? Sounds like a winner.

5. Easy-to-use Buttons

Several reviewers online mentioned that the buttons of the GoldPro are in a good place and easy to use, including the cold shot button. This is a plus, since with most blow dryers, users typically find in the wrong place and annoying! Plus, it helps that the buttons are a snazzy gold color as well.

Are There any negatives of the Bio Ionic Goldpro?

Not too many reviewers have found much wrong with the GoldPro Dryer, aside from the occasional defective model (which happens with any brand) or disliking the low heat. There aren’t even too many mentions of the price point, which is comparable with other higher-end hairdryers in it’s class, so most users consider it worth the money.

Is the Bio Ionic GoldPro a good buy?

The additional small features such as the long cord, quiet motor, light weight, and ergonomic handle just add to the positives of the GoldPro Dryer. Seems like Bio Ionic knows what they’re doing, and where else can you get a blow dryer infused with 24K gold? Sounds like the Bio lonic GoldPro might be worth a try!