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Best 3 Flat Irons with Teeth for Curly hair

Do flat irons work for Curly Hair?

Yes, if you have curly hair then you can use a flat iron – have you heard of flat irons with teeth or a hair straightener with teeth? Is your curly hair hard to straighten with traditional flat irons? Do you have thick curly hair that is a little unruly? Maybe your hair is damaged and you have “dead ends”? It can be frustrating for you to try to curl your curly hair with a straightener and you may not be getting the desired results for straight hair? Flat irons with teeth for curly hair may be the solution for you. Straighteners, or flat-irons, with teeth or “built-in combs” can take the most unruly mane and help transform it into glorious straight locks.

flat irons with teeth

If your hair isn’t curly then look here for the best flat irons for you. What does your hair need to achieve those desired strands of perfectly straight silken hair?

If you have curly hair and wish to use a straightener firstly, ask yourself:

  1. What kind of hair do you have – Is it thin, thick, wavy, curly or coarse?
  2. How is the condition of your hair? Is it damaged or “frizzy”?
  3. Is your hair coloured or do you bleach it?

If you answered yes to these questions then it is important to know that these are all hair situations that can cause traditional hair straighteners to not perform as well for your hair. Generally speaking, flat irons heat are just unable to penetrate into all the levels of your hair because of these situations and can cause you discomfort, pain and also annoyingly tangling. However, if you did answer yes to the above questions then a straightener with teeth or a steam brush may be the solution for you.

The little teeth of the styling comb not only help detangle any knots that may still be in your hair but also allows for your hair to be heated more evenly. Even heating benefits your hair and really helps you get the straight hair you want in one pass instead of going over and over the same section.

Best 3 Flat Irons with Teeth for curly hair review

The table below quickly summarises the 3 flat irons we will be discussing that have teeth for curly hair.

Brand / NameHow it LooksRatingsPlate SizePrice
Revlon Salon Straightener Copper + Ceramic Flat Iron4.5 out of 5 stars

1,211 Global Reviews
1-1/2 inches See it on Amazon
BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic4.3 out of 5 stars

643 Global Reviews
1-1/2 inches See it on Amazon
MKBOO Steam Hair Straightener3.9 out of 5 stars

57 Global Reviews
1-1/2 inches See it on Amazon

Steam Heat Vs. Plate Heat

Before delving into the top 3 flat irons with teeth or comb products that are best for you, let us first be clear about the difference between flat irons with plates and what steam straightening is. They both have their pros and cons, so read on to discover which is the best choice for you and your hair.

Flat Irons with teeth for curly hair (Plate heat)

Interestingly people have been using metal to straighten their hair since the 1890s – how amazing is that! We’ve come a long way since then in terms of the technology available to us in regard to hair straightening. Today the majority of straighteners have the same design – two plates and a handle – where the hair is deposited in between the two plates and heated.

Increasingly popular plates at the moment are ceramic coated plates. However, there is a slew of other types of metals ranging from copper to titanium. Flat iron plates are polished and, most of the time, have claims of;

    • protecting hair from prolonged heat exposure

    • control frizz in our hair and

    • give your hair a chic look that works for any occasion

One big downside to this type of heat styling is hair damage through the use of heat. Too much heat exposure will damage your hair. You could even burn your hair off. This is something that is very important to discuss, but it is also good to know that there are products and techniques that we can use to limit and reduce the damage to our hair.

Steam Straightening (Steam Heat) with teeth for curly hair

All of us are probably aware of using “steam” to get wrinkles out of our clothes or curtains or haberdashery. The same concept can actually work for your hair too. Steam straightening is basically infusing warm moisture into your hair through the mechanism of a steam straightener. This is very beneficial for your hair, especially if you have chemically treated hair ie coloured hair.

The tool we discuss below today uses this technique and is actually more like a brush. A brush really helps as it enables you not to put too much heat on one spot and smoothes your hair out almost effortlessly.

However, as you are adding more moisture to your hair through this technique the downside to steam straightening is you will most probably not achieve the perfect pin-straight style you would traditionally see with a flat iron. There may be a small amount of wave to it – which also may be ok for the look you are after. It is still important to note that steam is hot and you can also still wreak potential havoc on your locks by overheating them.

Now that we have discussed some of the important issues to consider let’s now look at the Top 3 Best Flat Irons With Teeth. The top three brands we are discussing today have been ranked according to price, star rating, and global reviews. All three companies are household names across the globe. So let’s dive into the top three straighteners with teeth.

#1 – Revlon Salon Straightener Copper + Ceramic Flat Iron

The Revlon company has created the Straightener Copper + Ceramic Flat Iron (Amazon). Today we are reviewing the 1-1/2″ XL size. This straightener is so popular that it even garnered a nod in the Ebony’s March 2018 Beauty Awards issue.

This flat iron hair straightener with combs or teeth is of great value and is an excellent quality product. It has a copper and ceramic plates that provide very fast heating uptime. Actually, it only takes 10-seconds to heat up. Take that uber-fast heat-up and pair that with the LED smart heat control on the product, and you can start styling your hair in no time at all.

An incredible benefit of this hair straightener is it has a detachable comb. It is like having two tools in one. That is pretty awesome if you like to sometimes curl your hair with your flat iron, without the combs. Or if your friends or sisters or brother need to borrow or use your straightener it has more options for them, as we all know everyone’s hair types are different – even in the same family.

A removable comb feature makes for one pass ultra-smooth straightening. When starting towards the root, just place your hair through the comb piece and pull through. The ceramic and copper plates glide over hair, leaving a glossy shine.

Ceramic copper plates heat faster than other plates, and Revlon claims that they can cause up to 81% less damage due to their even heating ability. Revlon also states that 24-hour frizz control is another feature of this technology’s even heat distribution. Frizz-free for 24 hours!

Note: If the flat iron is hot, the comb will most certainly be as well. Do not grab it with your bare hands or touch the comb to your scalp.

With thirty different LED heat settings, it offers a multitude of options for controlling your style. Heat settings start at 180dF/82dC and increase all the way to 455dF/235dC. Thankfully it has a 60-minute auto shut-off, which prevents you from having that tiny panic attack where you just internally scream at yourself, “DID I TURN THE FLAT IRON OFF”? Or is it just me that does that?

It also has a plate locking switch, making storing it way more convenient because it takes up less space and you can just pop it in a storage container or cupboard. The Revlon Straightener Copper + Ceramic Flat Iron (Amazon) is also very budget-friendly.

Combining an excellent price point and superb quality the Revlon Salon Straightener Copper + Ceramic flat iron is a fan favourite.

Pros and Cons


• It is salon-quality but with a budget-friendly price point.
• Ready to straighten your hair in 10-seconds
• Even heating for one-pass straightening. Up to 81% less hair damage.
• 24-hour frizz control.
• Can be used with or without the comb


• Too much use on the highest setting can be harmful to your hair.
• If the comb has not been attached properly, the comb can fall off in mid pass.

#2- BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 1-1/2″ Straightening Iron

The BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic 1-1/2″ Straightening Iron (Amazon) distributes even heat across its plates & generates efficient far-infrared heat, which is very gentle on hair. Ceramic flat iron plates are the champions of even heat distribution. So what that means for you is that there are no overheated or cold spots in your hair and that can mean less frizz for your hair.

Ceramic plates are also less likely to snag and pull your hair. The ceramic plates are polished to perfection, which aids in that glossy movie star hair.

Note: Many straighteners plates or bristles are coated with ceramic, or other kinds of material, claiming to be more beneficial for your hair. It is always important to maintain your products well and to look out for wear and tear on these plates. If you notice the coating is chipping or missing, it may be time for a new straightener. Without the coating, the plates may damage your hair as it’s just hot metal running over your hair – ouch.

Removable antistatic comb makes straightening thick unruly hair a dream. The comb slides down into a groove beside the ceramic flat iron plates. As I have mentioned before, you have more versatility with a removable comb. You can also curl with your BaBylissPRO as well. Giving you a little more diversity when it comes to this tool.

BABylissPRO has an instant heat-up and recovery mode, along with a temperature dial that goes up to 430 dF/221 dC. It may take a little practice to find the right temperature for your hair type and to see what setting works best for your hair.

Pros and Cons


• Dual voltage for worldwide use.
• Detachable Anti Static comb.
• Infrared heat technology.
• Swivel cord for easy use.


• Non-locking thermostat means you can accidentally change heat settings.
• The closure plates do not lock, making it harder to store.

#3 – MKBOO Steam Hair Straightener

Our final product is the MKBOO Steam Hair straightener (Amazon). Before we discuss this product’s finer features it is important to mention the steam heat factor of this straightener. Heat styling can damage hair, that is why it is important to look after your hair.

Flat iron hot plates often suck moisture out of your hair and we know not enough moisture leads to damaged hair and frizz. However steam straighteners actually infuse water into the hair shaft while the heat smooths out the hair. You are infusing warm moisture into your hair, which can be an excellent thing in small doses.

The MKBOO Steam Hair Straightener comes with 5 adjustable hair settings. Making it compatible with many different hair types. Starting at 300dF/148dC and capping out at 450dF/232dC.

This flat iron can take on any texture of hair and even help damaged hair via the warm moisture infusion method. Frizz is basically your hair’s way of putting out its own divining rods for moisture. The product description quotes this process as “the steam replenishment makes water atoms cover hair and lock in natural nutrients”. So this is ideal for those of us who have coloured hair or already damaged hair.

MKBOO Steam Hair Straightener is different to other straighteners in that there are no standard hot plate flat irons, the MKBOO is more like a brush.

Unlike the other models discussed the comb is not detachable. It has tourmaline ceramic-coated bristles with steam coming out of only one side. This helps keep the section taught and straight for heating.

MKBOO has a classic salon-sleek style that comes in black or white. Regardless of what colour straightener you choose, both arrive the same way with light-up LED controls that are easy to read. It’s energy-efficient and powers itself off in an hour if not used. This is a great safety feature. To restart the straightener (if it has turned itself off) you just long-press the start button, and it is good to go.

This flat iron heats up ready to steam in 45 seconds. Your MKBOO Steam Hair Straightener is prepared to work in 70 seconds, which is pretty fast. Keep in mind, you must make sure the water reservoir is filled up to use correctly. It’s super simple to check. At the back of the comb, there is a little cover that can be simply removed and houses the reservoir tank. There is a small water bottle with the product included for you to inject the water into the tank. Simple and efficient.

Note: Distilled water works best in the reservoir tank. Do not fill your reservoir tanks with any kind of oil, shampoos or conditioners. Doing so could damage not only your hair but your flat iron as well.

Pros and Cons


• Anti Scald feature.
• MKBOO promotes possible damage reversal with the warm steam infusion.
• Fantastic for hair that has already been chemically processed or coloured
• Brush design catches hair pulling through evenly.
• Tourmaline ceramic-coated bristles for shiny hair.


• Having to hold the extra water makes it a tad on the heavy side
• If you have a lot of hair, you may have to stop and refill the water tank and let it reheat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there holes for the detachable combs to go into the plate on the Revlon and BaByliss tools when flat ironing?

The removable comb sits at the flat plate’s very edge for both the Revlon and BaByliss straighteners. On the outside there is a small groove on the heated plates that the comb slides on and off. There are no holes on the flat plate itself.

This is great for dual styling techniques as both products can be used with or without the combs/teeth. There’s no fear of getting your hair snagged in a small hole.

Can you use the MKBOO without water?

No, you cannot. You have to have water and only water for it to operate correctly. Never mix oils or products into the water and fill the reservoir. It also is very clearly stated in the instructions to not use any oils or conditioners directly in the brush.

The anti-scald feature cannot work as it was designed with anything other than water. You could possibly damage your hair or burn your scalp if you use anything other than water.

How do I figure out what heat setting is best for me?

There is a pretty easy way to ascertain the heat setting for you. Choose a small section of your hair and start at the lowest heat setting. Increase the temperature until you discover what works best for your hair type. Just like any other time do a patch test – do it on a strand that can blend easily in with the rest of your hair.

Can I heat style my hair every day?

The most straightforward answer to this is no, you should not. Prolonged heat exposure is terminal to hair. It drys it out, it makes it look brittle, and breakage is guaranteed. This is not even combined with other hair hazards like colouring, bleaching and whatever else you may do to your hair. So if daily heat styling is a necessary evil for you make sure you are using a deep conditioning pack once a week. Also if at all possible, let it dry naturally.

Will flat irons with teeth work for short hair?

Of course, they will! Long or short thick or thin, all three of these tools get the trick done. Now I will say you should have at least 4 to 5 inches of hair to flat iron, or you are running a considerable risk of burning your scalp. If your hair is shorter than the recommended length, straighteners with teeth may not be a good option for you right now.

Should I clean my flat irons that have teeth ?

Yes – indeed you should. Over time, products like serums and hair sprays can build up on the combs and bristles. Detachable comb cleaning is easy – you can just pop them off once it’s cool. Wipe the tools down with a damp cloth or some kind of wipe. It’s the same with the steam brush. Once cooled down, wipe it down with a wet cloth or wipe and you’re good to go.

Can I make curls with the comb attachment?

10 out of 10 would not recommend it. The comb attachment will tangle if you try to coil your tresses around your flat iron. Now, you can give it a soft flip by all means by gliding it in the direction you want it to go. Combs are truly designed for straightening only.

Do Flat irons with teeth work for curly hair?

Purchasing and learning to use flat irons with teeth is a great way to achieve a sleek glossy look without committing to a chemical straightening product. Excessive exposure to heat can really damage our hairs health. Detachable combs or bristles are an excellent tool for even heat distribution. This is the first step in getting the style you want at home with the least damage.

Adjustable heating, quick start-ups, and auto shut off are all excellent features that offer peace of mind. Flat irons with teeth or attachable combs or even brush straighteners are great for catching and managing unruly hair and will work for fine thin hair also.

Whether it be short, long, thick, or thin hair. A straightener with teeth is a valuable asset to keep in your hair care arsenal. Take care of your hair tools by cleaning them and inspecting them for any plate or bristle chipping or peeling. Remember, do not use it if you see this type of damage to your straightener.

Heat styling comes with its own set of risks and rewards. Follow these guidelines and go off and have fun with lovely straight hair – have fun with your flat irons with teeth!