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Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Hair Dryer Review

Does the Bed Head Curls-in-Check really keep your curls in check?

Short answer is yes – the bed head curls in check can help to keep your lovely curls in check. Here’s one for all you curly heads out there! If you have naturally curly or wavy hair and you ever want to blow dry it, you know the importance of having a diffuser. You probably also know that it can sometimes be awkward, the way the diffuser either extends way out from the dryer—making you wish you had longer arms—or only dries a little bit of hair at a time.

It’s a great idea, as it preserves your curls while allowing you to expedite the sometimes hours-long drying process. But move over, diffusers…there’s a new kid in town!

Bed Head has come up with the perfect solution. Their innovative Curls in Check Dryer (Amazon) is both a dryer and a diffuser in one. (“Why didn’t I think of that?” you ask. Aren’t we all asking that?) It combines the best of both worlds for easy drying and styling of wavy to curly hair. Its compact design makes it easy to handle while maintaining the integrity of the curls.

Let’s look at some pros and cons!

What is good about the Curls-in-Check Diffuser dryer:

  • Compact, easy to use and perfect for travel
  • Teeth to lift roots for volume
  • Three heat and two speed settings
  • Dries hair very quickly
  • No awkwardness

You certainly won’t need to worry about a separate dryer and diffuser for travel. This compact dryer is ready to go wherever you go! It has teeth like a regular bowl diffuser, allowing you to lift the roots as you dry for enhanced volume. And its three heat settings (plus a cool shot button) give you all the options you need for drying your curls.

But the best part about this diffuser dryer?

It dries your hair really fast!

Its ceramic and tourmaline technology along with the gentle, wide-stream air flow gets your curls dry in no time—and with no frizz.

Gone are the days of waiting all day for your curls to finish drying! And its easy-to-use design is awkwardness-free, so you won’t have to worry about bonking yourself in the head or stretching your arms as far as they’ll go. Use it to scrunch your curls from the ends, lift them at the roots, or flip over and dry it—however you like.

Disadvantages of the Curls-in-Check Diffuser dryer:

  • Long hair can get caught in the motor
  • Dryer base could be a bit bigger for thick hair
  • No locking cool shot button

There aren’t too many disadvantages for this diffuser dryer, but long hair could be a concern. It may be easy for the ends to be sucked up into the motor, which can give you an unwanted haircut and a lovely burning smell. It may not be a deal breaker unless you have super long hair, but you’ll still want to be aware of it nonetheless.

Also, for those with long and/or thick hair, the base could probably be slightly bigger—that may help avoid the ends getting pulled in. However, don’t let its size fool you…it still does its job and does it well!

The one other con is…alas, no locking cool shot button. So if you use the cool shot often (which is a good idea with curls, since it helps to cut down on frizz), you may find your thumb cramping a bit. For this diffuser dryer, it’s probably worth it, though. Might as well sacrifice a thumb for gorgeous curls. (Although if Bed Head suddenly decided to make it locking, there probably wouldn’t be any complaints!)

Overall, the Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Dryer (Amazon) is not only a good value but is a godsend for anyone with natural texture. At a relatively low price, it’s more than worth the cost. The time it’ll save you alone is a benefit—and your hair will look amazing as well