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Beachy Waves for Short Hair

Is it possible to have beachy waves for short hair?

YES it is possible to have beachy waves for short hair. Short, wavy styles have been seen on runways and on celebrities alike. These styles are modern, flattering, and easy to achieve. Even if you live nowhere near a beach, you can get these tousled waves in a number of different ways.

Tips to getting beachy waves for short hair

1. Get the Right Cut

If you would like to style your hair in waves on a regular basis, you need to start off with the right cut. You will need layers in your hair to make this an effortless, carefree style. Explain to your hair stylist that you would like to start wearing your hair wavy, and he or she can cut your hair that way.

2. Salt Spray

Those with already wavy hair will not need to put forth much effort to get the desired look. A salt spray will create the exact kind of wave you are looking for. These sprays work on all hair types from fine to super thick. In addition, they add volume to finer hair, and reduce frizz.

Use a small amount of the spray onto wet or damp hair. Then cup some ends in your hand and scrunch up to your roots. You can let your hair air dry. If needed, use a little more spray once hair is dry if certain areas are not as wavy as you would like. Or, if you have used too much, you can soften it with a hair dryer.

Salt sprays are available at drugstores and higher end beauty supply stores. One to try: Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion, which uses softening coconut, mango seed, and passion fruit oils to balance the sea salt.

Experiment to find one that works best with your hair type. Or, make one of your own by combining one part salt, one part coconut oil (for shine) and 5 parts water.

Salt sprays can be drying so use a deep conditioning treatment after you wash it out.

3. Curling Iron

More defined waves are created by using a curling iron. Begin by protecting hair with a thermal styling spray. Section your hair, and wrap a section around a one-inch curling iron, leaving about an inch or two of hair at the end to keep ends straight.

Alternate directions if you want a more casual, wavier texture. Repeat on remaining sections of hair. Finish with hairspray or a salt spray to hold the style.

4. Waving Iron

A three-barrel curling iron, or waving iron, will also get you the beach hair look. Don’t be intimidated by the way these tools look, they are actually easy to use.

For loose waves, look for a waving iron with larger barrels; for tighter waves, opt for small barrels. Separate your hair into sections, and starting close to the root, clamp down, and move down that section of hair. After finishing all sections, spray a holding spray.

5. Flat Iron

Although it seems ironic, but you can use a flat iron to create waves in your hair. Wrap a one to two inch strand of hair between two fingers until you have a tight pin curl. Carefully place the pin curl into the iron and hold for a few seconds. Release the flat iron and repeat on remaining strands. Finger comb hair when finished.

6. Non-heat Options

If you would prefer not to use a salt spray or heated styling tool, you can still get beachy waves. Gather your damp hair in a twisted bun (or several buns for a tighter wave) and secure with a scrunchie or fabric hair tie so you don’t get any kinks in the hair. Leave the last inch or two out of the bun if you would like ends to be straighter.

Leave in overnight, remove the hair ties in the morning, and finger comb your hair. Lightly spray hair with hairspray to hold the waves.

If you do not have the time to let the buns air-dry overnight, you can heat them with the hair dryer for a few minutes to speed up the process.

7. Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, make sure to use the right product, otherwise your beachy waves will fall flat. Use about half of what you would normally use so that your hair doesn’t get weighed down. You want bouncy, soft waves, not greasy, flat ones. If you are trying a non-heat option, you may want to use do a quick dry to the roots with the hair dryer beforehand just to give some lift to the hair.

8. Style Options

Sure, you can leave your newly curled hair down and it will look great, but you can also style your hair to enhance the hairstyle. A deep side part looks great with short, beachy waves. Or, add a small French braid on one side and leave the rest down.

There are many different ways to look like you spent the afternoon at the beach. You can try several to see what works best for your hair type.