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RUSK Super Freak Hair Dryer Review

Does the RUSK  Super Freak dryer live up to its name?

Is the RUSK Super Freak hair dryer your next dryer? With all the blow dryers out there, how on earth do you know which one to pick? They all make claims that they’re amazing, and surely many of them are. But there’s nothing worse than spending a good chunk of money on a blow dryer only to get it home and discover that the airflow is wimpy or it sounds like a Weed eater or that the temps are blazing hot or barely warm with no in between.

The RUSK Super Freak (Amazon) is just one of the many dryers on the market. RUSK is a professional brand—so right off the bat, this Super Freak dryer should be of professional salon quality. With 2000 watts of power, it provides a powerful stream of air backed by an Italian AC motor.

What does professional brand mean ?

Presumably, it means that the motor is made in Italy by the same manufacturers who make motors for AC’s, which means it’s very strong and long-lasting. Also, Italian AC motors boast up to 50% quicker drying time than regular motors, so that’s definitely a bonus!

Who wants to stand there drying your hair all day when you’ve got things to do and places to be?

The next point of the Super Freak dryer is its tourmaline and ceramic construction. Both of those materials produce negative ions that not only help to dry the hair faster, they work to smooth it, cut down frizz, and add shine while reducing heat damage.

So far so good!

The Super Freak also uses far-infrared heat to dry the hair, which is a type of heat rays that are gentler and less damaging. They penetrate the hair’s outer layer, the cuticle, to dry the water molecules inside the hair first, which also helps to reduce drying time as well as potential heat damage.

Speaking of heat, the Super Freak boasts a total of seven—read, seven—heat and speed settings. That’s a lot of options! That gives you several settings to choose from when the weather is hotter or colder, more or less humid, or if you are in a hurry or can take your time. On top of those seven, it has a separate cold-shot button.

The cold-shot button is an excellent complement for negative ions and infrared heat, as it closes down the cuticle and adds even further shine. If you never use the cold-shot button, give it a try after your hair is around 80% dry.

At that point, it will finish the drying for you without the heat, so the remaining 20% of drying is virtually damage-free and shine-inducing. Not a bad thing!

The cold-shot button is also great for setting curls—both natural and heat-styled.

Rusk Super Freak Hair DryerIf you have naturally curly hair, it may be prone to frizz, as you probably know. The cold-shot button helps prevent that, setting your wavy or curly tresses in place just where they are (and your best bet when blow drying is to use a diffuser with both hot and cold air).

It’s easy to get impatient when diffusing curly hair, especially when you turn on the cold shot and you’re ready to be done. But stick it out and your curls will turn out better and last longer!

If you’re curling your hair with any kind of heat, the cold shot is a great way to cool curls down faster, locking them in and providing added staying power.

After curling, you can even spray a shot of hairspray on curls and then hit them with the cold shot—it locks in the curl and the hairspray.

The RUSK Speed Freak comes with two directional nozzles for faster and easier drying and straightening, especially if you’re using a brush.

The nozzles help to direct airflow into a localized area, drying that section even faster and allowing you to smooth it even more.

This saves even more time with an already fast dryer, which is never a bad thing!

In addition, the Speed Freak is not overly loud or raucous, so you won’t feel like you’re using a weed blower to dry your hair.

With all its speeds and features combined with the ceramic/tourmaline and infrared technology, the RUSK Super Freak is a win-win! And with its professional quality comes a professional price—but it’s worth it.

You will save time and your Speed Freak will last a while, so think of it as a great investment not only for the health of your hair, but for your schedule.

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