Drybar Buttercup - Hair Dryer Review
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Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer Review

Updated March, 2019. If you haven’t heard of Drybar’s Buttercup blow dryer, take a quick look at it on Amazon and you’ll see how it gets its name. Its bright yellow design immediately makes it stand out, giving it…

Rusk Super Freak Hair Dryer Review
Hair Dryer Reviews

RUSK Super Freak Hair Dryer Review

Does the RUSK  Super Freak dryer live up to its name? With all the blow dryers out there, how on earth do you know which one to pick? They all make claims that they’re amazing, and surely many of…

Article: 6 Ways to Grow Hair Longer, Faster
Hair Care

6 Ways to Grow Your Hair Longer, Faster!

Many women envy other women who have long hair, but no matter what your natural hair type is, you can grow long hair, too! You just have to treat your hair with as much care as you do the…

Coconut oil can make a great treatment for shiny hair and a healthy scalp
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7 Home Remedies for Extremely Dry and Damaged Hair

Blow-drying, curling, straightening, dying, getting perms, and so much more that women to do their hair on a regular basis is extremely damaging. The most common result of all these methods for trying to make your hair look beautiful…

Article: 10 Essential Vitamins for Healthy Hair
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10 Essential Vitamins for Healthy Hair

While vitamins are not the be all end all of healthy hair growth, it doesn’t hurt to take a few or eat healthier foods with them in to help your hair grow stronger. It could take up to three…

Article: 7 Tips for Styling with Heat to Avoid Damaged Hair
Hair Care

7 Tips for Styling with Heat to Prevent Damaged Hair

There are studies coming out stating that styling with heat isn’t quite as damaging as people once thought because there are so many products out there that help with heat styling protection. While some still choose not to heat…

Article: Top 6 Homemade Conditioners for a Healthy Shine
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Top 6 Homemade Conditioners for a Healthy Shine

The most common problem women have when it comes to hair is they don’t condition enough. Whether your hair has split ends, is dry, frizzy, or brittle, it’s because you’re not conditioning enough. Even if your hair is greasy,…

Article: Top 8 Homemade Shampoo Recipes for Healthy Hair
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Top 8 Homemade Shampoos for Healthy Hair

With all the chemicals that are being found in shampoos today, it’s no wonder the health-conscious woman wants to take matters into her own hands. Making homemade shampoo is not as difficult as you’d think, and while it might…

Tips for dealing withfor your Curly Hair
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How to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

Curly hair needs special TLC to keep curls looking soft and falling right. This hair type tends to be drier and more susceptible to knots and tangles as opposed to straight or wavy hair so extra care should be…