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5 Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

What are the best blow dryers for naturally drying your hair?

There are great blow dryers for natural hair to use that will help care for your hair. Natural hair care is all about protecting and maintaining your hair’s beautiful texture and a healthy ph balance. You have to pick the right products for your hair and you also have to make decisions about how you will style your hair and what to use to do so.

Blow drying is a common practice. Of course we don’t wish to go out with wet hair, but also having a great blow dry means your hairstyle should last for days. This of course helps you to have your hair ready to get out the door quickly. 

Blow drying your hair can also prevent scalp issues by ensuring moisture isn’t sitting against your scalp for too long. Blow dryers are used to quickly and easily dry your hair, but you also need to be careful to protect your fragile locks from heat damage.

Here are the top 5 blow dryers to dry your natural hair easily, and more importantly, safely.

Top Pick: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (Amazon) is a revolutionary blow dryer that uses the latest technology to quickly dry your hair while also minimizing the heat damage you would expect from any other blow dryer. It measures the air temperature 20 times per second to ensure consistent temperature and drying.

This tool remains cool to the touch and includes no fans or heating elements that can hurt anyone. You can feel confident that using it will not lead to any burns or accidental hair pulling the way some of the more traditional blow dryers can.

Negative ions are created to reduce and prevent frizz and static so you can have sleek shine right away. You will not need to worry about perpetual bedhead any longer. When you combine the speed, power, and safety of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to the versatility it becomes a no-brainer. This blow dryer works amazingly well with no risk to your sensitive hair.

Let’s check out some pros and cons so we can get an accurate picture of the Dyson.


  • Nearly silent
  • Constantly checking the temperature to keep it safe
  • Cool to the touch
  • Works quickly
  • The anti-frizz technology keeps you looking great


  • Expensive
  • The cord is thick and heavy which makes it a bit harder to maneuver

Ultimately, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is an excellent, although very expensive, blow dryer that works amazingly well for natural hair.

Runner- Up: DevaCurl DevaDryer

The DevaCurl DevaDryer (Amazon) with the DevaFuser is one of the best hair dryers you can get for natural hair. It is specifically designed to keep your natural curls and waves healthy and frizz-free while also keeping the heat damage to a minimum.

The specially designed DevaFuser is shaped to perfectly reach your roots to dry the quickly in place to maintain volume and bounce. It is big enough to hold your curls as it dries and scrunches those locks for you. Users rave that they get the perfect bounce and smoothness to their hair without taking hours of work.

Using a blow dryer that was made especially for naturally textured hair can be the difference between a lackluster finish or a beautiful and frizz-free look. The DevaCurl also uses Ions to cut down on frizz and create a more defined shape. You can’t go wrong!


  • Created specifically for natural hair
  • Ion technology for frizz control
  • Comes with a patented and specially designed diffuser
  • Dries quickly and easily
  • Company has an entire line of products for natural hair that all work together


  • It is more expensive than the average blow dryer
  • You need to follow specific instructions to use it

Find a more in-depth review here.

Top Eco-Friendly: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer (Amazon) is an excellent example of what happens when a company truly wants to provide a ton of power in a small package. It is 2000 watts of power within a lightweight and ergonomic body. The power of ions is also used which allows you to give your natural hair a frizz-free finish.

This blow dryer has a conveniently built-in filter that is easily removed and cleaned. A dirty appliance can fill with dust and become a fire hazard at worst, and cover your hair in nastiness at best. You do not have to worry about that with the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer.

This model has 6 speed and heat levels giving you total control over your hair. You can easily avoid heat damage. To bring it all together you can use it alone or get whatever attachment works best for your hair type. You can choose from their diffuser or concentrator, although you may not need anything. This hair dryer is that powerful.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • More affordable than other high-end products
  • Versatile settings for your convenience
  • Easily cleaned and cared for


  • Does not include the diffuser
  • This blow dryer can get very hot due to the titanium, so you need to be cautious if you have damaged hair or if you are sensitive to the heat

Quietest Small Hair Dryer: Conair Compact Dryer

The Conair Compact Dryer (Amazon) is awesome for those of us who travel a lot. Whether far off for work or nearby for the gym it will take up very little space while providing powerful 1600 watt power. It also has dual-voltage in case you leave the country and need to adjust it.

This blow dryer folds up to a small size that can go right in your purse or bag. The 5-foot cord is stored right inside the handle as well, which goes even further in making it the perfect travel hair dryer for natural hair.

This super-affordable hair dryer has 2 heat and speed settings so you can ensure your natural hair is getting the perfect heat for its texture. It also includes a cool shot button which lets you lock-in your style.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Folds up very small
  • Holds the cord in the handle for portability
  • 1600 watts is powerful for such a small model


  • The cord is only 5 feet
  • There are no nozzles or diffusers to help you speed up the drying process

Best Cheap Hair Dryer: Conair 1875 Full Size Pro Hair Dryer

The Conair Full Size Pro Hair Dryer (Amazon) brings you 1,875 watts of power while using Ionic technology and Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to dry your hair quickly and easily. This blow dryer includes a concentrator and you can get a diffuser to make it even more effective.

Tourmaline ceramic provides infrared heat that will dry your hair quickly while the ions help to lock in the shine and moisture to avoid heat damage to your natural hair. Conair is known for having a huge variety of accessories as well which ensures you can always find the right ones for your hair.

This blow dryer has 3 heat settings and 2 speeds that are easily controlled. No matter what your natural hair type is you will find the right setting for you. All of this comes in a sleek body that has as much power as a high-end dryer at a lower price-point.


  • Affordable
  • Looks attractive and high-end
  • Ion technology
  • Infrared heating works quickly and evenly
  • Powerful


  • The cord is only 5 feet
  • There aren’t many settings

Are there blow dryers that are good for natural hair?

Finding products to keep your natural hair beautiful and manageable can be difficult. When it comes to hairdryers you can never be too careful. There are many that just aren’t powerful enough or gentle enough to keep your hair dry and smooth without causing irreversible damage.

Heat damage is one of the leading causes of frizz and dullness when it comes to natural hair. You always want to ensure you are getting a quality product. Ions can help, as can using complementary natural hair-care products.

We have searched to find you these 5 dryers that can help you elevate your look and speed up the preperation time. Your natural hair is already beautiful. Let one of these hair dryers help you keep it that way without the damage and frustration that you can experience when trying to care for and style your hair.


Why do I need a hair dryer?

You don’t need a hair dryer, but it is definitely more convenient than air drying. A blow dryer will help you to dry your hair quickly and easily so by the time you walk out the door it is ready and looks great.

Why do I need a specific hair dryer for natural hair?

Some hair dryers are too drying and can remove natural oils and burn your hair. Some just are not powerful enough to dry your thick hair.

What are other ways to prevent damage to my natural hair?

There are special products you can use before and after blow-drying or straightening. These include serums, sprays, and creams. You can also make sure you use combs instead of brushes. Heat damage is prevalent and generally happens when someone uses the wrong level of heat or the wrong products.

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